domingo, 5 de agosto de 2018

What Will Make Us Care Enough to Save Endangered Species?

Egyptian vulture (Neophron percnopterus) This vulture’s range
includes southern Europe, Africa, India, and Nepal. The IUCN
has assessed the bird as endangered.

By Jonathan Baillie
Photographs by Tim Flach


A photographer and a scientist hope that evocative photos will ignite a passion for protecting threatened animals.

Ideally I could have gone to the leading marketing agency for nature and asked what to do to get people to emotionally connect with these weird and wonderful creatures. But no such agency exists—and we’ve only begun to develop both the art and science of making this vital connection.

Tim Flach photographed the birds in this article; all are in his book Endangered, to which I contributed. Flach has a unique ability to capture an animal’s essence and an affinity for unusual, obscure creatures. We saw the book as a great opportunity to explore which images of species and habitats would elicit an emotional response.

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