miércoles, 30 de octubre de 2013

Dr. Jane Goodall & Dr. Roger Payne


Broadcasting live from the Hilton Hotel in Buenos Aires, be there the first time Dr. Jane Goodall meets Dr. Roger Payne, a man who changed our understanding of whales and how they communicate with each other. Goodall and Payne have a lot in common: Both are responsible for more than 50 years of animal behavior research, have appeared in National Geographic, founded a non-profit organization to support their passion, have led global conservation efforts and have achieved high recognition in their field of study. Take part in this incredible journey by watching this once-in-a-lifetime conversation live. This special event is presented by the Jane Goodall Institute Argentina and Roots & Shoots Argentina, directed by Boy Olmi, produced by Dylan Williams and livestreaming support provided by LSD Live.

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