jueves, 13 de agosto de 2015

Video: Experimenta la Antartida en tres minutos (Time Lapse)

A GoPro time-lapse shot on board G Adventures' M/S Expedition during the Antarctic season 2013-2014. Directed and Edited by Expedition Staff Lauren Farmer and Alex Cowan. Music by Greg Thomas and Pete Valeo. 

Featured areas:
  1. Ushuaia & Beagle Channel, Argentina
  2. Drake Passage
  3. Errera Channel, Antarctic Peninsula
  4. Lemaire Channel
  5. Andvord Bay
  6. Gerlache Strait
  7. Booth Island
  8. Pleneau Bay
  9. Lemaire Channel
  10. Paradise Bay
  11. Deception Island
  12. Antarctic Sound
  13. Cuverville Island

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