sábado, 29 de octubre de 2016

Vídeo: A day at the Museum | Natural History Museum

Take a trip through the Museum and discover all that there is to see and do during your visit. From your first steps into Hintze Hall to a topical discussion with one of our experts, be inspired by the Museum, the millions of specimens in our collections and our science.

Welcome to the films by the Natural History Museum in London, home to over 80 million natural history specimens ranging from spiders and giant squid to dinosaur bones, mosses and meteorites. You can see many on display for free at the Museum but, if that's too far away, watch our channel to bring the Museum to you. 

Explore what goes on behind the scenes, as our curators preserve some of the weird and wonderful creatures that arrive at the Museum each day. Follow the work of the more than 300 Museum scientists who study topics such as biodiversity, evolution and ecosystems.

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