domingo, 27 de noviembre de 2022

Canción: Lamento de Sunneva por Amarilis Dueñas



Lamento de Sunneva is a piece for solo viola da gamba by Amarilis Dueñas, inspired by the life and death of Kristina av Tunsberg (1234 in Bergen - 1262 in Seville) It therefore combines musical motifs from the Nordic countries as well as from the Kingdom of Castile. The instrument, called Sunneva, "the viking viol", was made by Eduardo Francés Bruno in 2020 - the head was made by Miguel Ángel Tapia Palomo. It has two runes: a vegvisir (a compass) and the destiny rug - some symbolism so that one day we, together, find the way back to Norway. This was live recorded on November 28th 2021 at the Erbdrostenhof in Münster (Germany) by Sasha Laguna, Alex Masny & Heyler Films.  

Fuente: Amarilis Dueñas C



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