sábado, 27 de octubre de 2012

Birding Rally Challenge - Peru 2012

First world birding contest, 24 experts, 6 days/5 nights of non-stop Amazon Basin birding. Following a route that starts on November 29th at Tambopata, goes up the high Andes over the South Interoceanic Highway and finishes at the biodiverse cloud forests of Machu Picchu. A rally where over 739 bird species can be found in a small geographical spot. This is the first competition that brings together the world top birders, with 4 ornithologists per team: eBirders –Cornell, and LSU-Louisiana Team, from USA; the Falcon Forest Team from UK; The Zululanders from Southafrica; the Tramuntana Birding Team from Spain; and the Ararajuba Team from Brazil. 

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