sábado, 11 de junio de 2016

El número 12 de la revista Andean Past ya está disponible en línea


Current Volume: Volume 12 (2016):
  • Front Matter Andean Past 12
  • Table of Contents
  • Editor's Preface Andean Past 12
  • Obituaries Andean Past 12
  • Obsidian Procurement and Cosmopolitanism at the Middle Horizon Settlement of Conchopata, Peru
  • Characteristics and Significance of Tapia Walls and the Mochica Presence at Santa Rosa de Pucala in the Mid-Lambayeque Valley
  • Health at the Edge of the Wari Empire: An Analysis of Skeletal Remains from Hatun Cotuyoc, Huaro, Peru
  • Demographic Analysis of a Looted late Intermediate Period Tomb, Chincha Valley, Peru
  • Research Reports Andean Past 12
  • Addresses of Authors (Articles and Obituaries)

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