martes, 9 de junio de 2020

Video: Playing Moche Badminton

This video was shot at the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada and shows a group of ancient technology enthusiasts playing Moche toss, a game based on the reconstruction of an ancient Peruvian ritual activity known as Moche ceremonial badminton. The video was produced and edited by University of Colorado Boulder archaeologist Devin Pettigrew. To learn more about the equipment the players are using, visit Pettigrew's website To read more about the reconstruction of Moche toss, go to “Bringing Back Moche Badminton.”

The "Moche Toss" is a recreation of an ancient Peruvian sport/ceremony in which participants use atlatls and darts to launch feathered objects into the air, and then try to ensnare them before they hit the ground. It has been filmed here in slow motion. Music is by the modern Chilean folk band, Illapu, from their album Música Andina. Traditionally the Moche played pan pipes, drums and quenas.

Fuente: AR.atlatl


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